Local Delivery: Subscription - Creature Cold Brew 6 Pack

Local Delivery: Subscription - Creature Cold Brew 6 Pack

Cuento Coffee Roasters
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Our Flagship Product has long been our Creature Cold Brew. A nod to Andy's Former Coffee Blog, and a celebration of deep rich Coffee flavors grown in volcanic soil. We Cold Brew our Mexico Cloud Forest, which is grown organically in one of the Earth's most unique eco-systems in Chiapas, Mexico for 19 hours and Bottle it in house at Crane Brewing.

A Great Option for those on the go, who want to grab something delicious right out of the fridge. Nutty, Smooth and Refined, it must be kept Refrigerated and now we can deliver it Right to you! "It's Like Candy for Adults." Proceeds from each can support our Partners in Proactive Prevention at Hope For The Day! 

Please Note this is our Local Subscription, and we deliver to the following zip codes in the Kansas City Metro:

64133, 64052, 64138, 64129, 64132,
64130, 64131, 64114, 64110, 64128,
64127, 64108, 64106, 64112, 64111,
66206, 66208, 64102, 64139, 64081,
64063, 64116, 64120, 64126, 64109

That Includes Downtown and Midtown KC,
Waldo, Parts of Overland Park, North KC,
Indepdence, Raytown, and Lee Summit.

If you are close to the border of our zone, feel free
and email us at cuentocoffee@gmail.com and let us know.

Please note if your delivery address is different
than your billing address.

Please Note that Our Cold Brew must stay refrigerated. 

As the weather warms up, we are coming up with creative ideas for those of you who won't be home when we deliver. If you leave a small cooler on your porch, with ice in it, we can be sure it gets into it and is waiting cold for you when you get home.