Local Delivery: Subscription - Brown Bag Special

Local Delivery: Subscription - Brown Bag Special

Cuento Coffee Roasters
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At our Core we want to deliver quality coffee to the masses. For Some Folks that looks like chasing the rarest and finest Coffees from all over the world, and for some of us, it looks like just having a great dependable solid drinking cup of coffee, thats convenient and easy to drink. 

That's where the Brown Bags come in. We fill these with quality coffee from Central America that brings a balanced drip coffee profile that you can use in your kitchen coffee maker and blow the socks off of what you've been buying at the grocery store. And you will not find a better price in town.

Taste the Difference that Fresh Roasted Coffee makes!

Our Brown Bag Starts at 13.50 dollars a LB with delivery.

Please Note this is our Local Subscription, and we deliver to the following zip codes in the Kansas City Metro:

64133, 64052, 64138, 64129, 64132,
64130, 64131, 64114, 64110, 64128,
64127, 64108, 64106, 64112, 64111,
66206, 66208, 64102, 64139, 64081,
64063, 64116, 64120, 64126, 64109

That Includes Downtown and Midtown KC,
Waldo, Parts of Overland Park, North KC,
Indepdence, Raytown, and Lee Summit.

If you are close to the border of our zone, feel free
and email us at cuentocoffee@gmail.com and let us know.

Please note if your delivery address is different
than your billing address.