• Andy

Ethiopia Sidamo Werka

Our Kochere came on with a big bang, it was a wild fruity coffee, and I was sampling months before we opened as a business officially, and sadly the harvest has ended and we were not able to continue to receive more of it, so we are moving on to another coffee, that we have been sample roasting.

This is another beautiful example of the Ethiopian Co-op system, where over 700 farmers contribute beans to the Gora Kone washing station, in the rural town of Werka, to have their coffee processed to be exported.

Thanks to our friends at Bodhi Leaf who imported this coffee and took this photo.

You notice men and women, young and old, participating at these washing stations. It is a way of living for those in rural Ethiopia. The beans sit on raised beds and dry after being passed through clean fresh water mills.

Rural Ethiopians use their hands as they pick any debris or defect out of the Coffee, one coffee seed at a time.

As a washed coffee, the Werka brings a very clean balanced flavor profile, with cocoa on the body, and fruit on the nose. It is equally as good iced as it is hot. My favorite brew method for this coffee is the bee house. But any pour over dripper, would do the trick!

20 Percent of profits continue going to the Britton families work at Shalom Children's home in rural Ethiopia!

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