• Andy

A bomb, A Blueberry Bomb.

It has been an insanely hot summer here in KC, and just in time for the summer heat, we have released a clean, fruity, coffee as bright as the summer sun.

You are probably asking yourself, what on earth is a blueberry bomb?

In roasting circles, certain coffees get called blueberry bombs, referring to a blueberry flavor that is commonly found in african coffees, that are naturally processed, typically from Ethiopia.

When I sampled this Natural Guji, from the Sidamo region, my mind immediately thought, totally a blueberry bomb.

It brought, a bright, light tea like body, and bursting blueberry flavor, with bright citric lemon acidity!

It was the perfect coffee, for the wild heat that this summer has brought us.

Laurel, who's art I had seen on Instagram, was totally excited to give it a shot, when I asked her if she would like to have her art on a coffee bag, albeit, a little surprised by the idea of a blueberry that is also a bomb.

She couldn't have put together a better illustration.

We are extremely pleased with it, and with the coffee!

We realize, that 100 degree whether is a tough time to drink hot coffee, and with that in mind I put together a nice recipe for an Iced Blueberry Bomb pourover....

You'll need a few things to make this:

A gram scale.

A pourover brewmaker. (We use beehouse)

32g of Ethiopia Blueberry Bomb

250g of ice

250g of 198 degree water.

Thanks to my roommate Phil for lending his arms to this very appologetically DIY video!

Get yours today!!