5 years ago George Sisneros and his wife Vonda moved their family to Guatemala.

in 1958, JorGE Vidas, a regional doctor, founded Finca La Bolsa, a coffee plantation in La Libertad, HueHueTenango Guatemala. in 1980, in a humanitarian effort, Jorge opened a childrens school on his farm, which is now recognized for its excellence. 


George and vonda live in Guatemala and run El Rosario CHristian Boys Academy. Boys are fed, taught and equipped for life. They have also opened up a local clinic serving the surrounding communities. 


Jeff and Karlie moved to Guatemala to run the Clinic, and fight malnutrition, almost 50 percent of Guatemalan children under age 5 are malnourished, and in the indigenous rural areas that number can jump as high as 80 percent.

Jeff and Karlie are fighting back against malnutrition in rural Guatemala using pediasure, and installing water filters to give Guatemalans access to safe drinking water. 


I fell in love with Vonda's painting when George showed it to me, i knew that it would be on the bags of guatemala as soon as I saw it. 
Norma is a single mother living in el rosario near the sisnero family, she is raising her son Jaime, there where she lives in a one-room cornstalk/tin house with her mother and stepfather.  
Twice a week norma walks almost 3 hours to gather firewood for her family, washes clothes by hand almost every day and is continuing her education 2 afternoons a week. A matte sticker of this painting of norma will be on the back of each bag of guatemala purchased.

Here is more of vonda's work:

About The Coffee

Our Guatemala Piedra Negra, was the showstopper after cupping many Guatemalas. We loved the fruit forwardness of the cup. It surprised us out of a Guatemalan coffee, to taste such deep apricot stone fruit flavors, and deep rich dark berry notes. Heavier brewing methods gave way to rich milk chocolate that pleased the palette. We loved the crossover between the stories of Jorge and George, which ironically is the same name in Spanish.  It pleases us to be able to offer such a quality coffee, from a farm we have a ton of love for, at a fair price, and be able to return 20 percent of profits back into the lives of the Guatemalan people, through George and Vonda. 

Here's a video of the farming process at finca la bolsa:


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